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Xtreme Outback, and their parent company Australian Clutch Services, was founded in 1989 by Brenton Jordan in Townsville, Australia. Early on, the company concentrated on rebuilding and servicing clutches for roadgoing, industrial and agricultural customers. Soon though, the founder’s interest in motorsport led them to start developing their own kits for street and track applications.

What followed over the next two decades was one of the Australian auto industry’s great success stories. Due to the high demands of race teams and the fact that many teams seemed to be less than happy with their existing suppliers, Jordan made a huge investment in acquiring some of the best testing and manufacturing equipment available in the world. Looking at how clutches were produced for the highest levels of international motorsport, he decided to follow suit with his own product range.

In a manual transmission vehicle, the clutch acts as a coupler between the engine and the gearbox. As the driver selects a gear and engages the clutch, a friction plate exerts pressure against the flywheel and the rotational torque from the engine is transferred through the transmission and on to the road wheels. This “torque transfer” needs to be delivered in a controlled fashion without a sudden “bite” and the pressure plate must be able to adequately clamp against the flywheel so as to transfer the required torque without slipping.

Several factors make a fundamental difference to the quality of this outcome. Firstly, the flywheel must be flat and the mating face must be in good condition. Next, the friction material on the surfaces of the pressure plate must be able to transfer the torque without slipping or overheating. Finally, the springs, forks, casing and other components must be in good order and able to cope with the demands of the engine and the driver.

Fitting a replacement clutch is not difficult, but correct procedures must be followed to ensure a long service life. Xtreme Outback clutches are among the best in the world and are feature true race-spec technology for greatly increased clamp loads and torque transfer which most brands just cannot match, and this is largely thanks to the high grades of material used and the extremely tight tolerances of their race-spec production processes. In fact, in many cases, Xtreme Outback’s manufacturing tolerances are around one tenth of conventional OEM manufacturers and every component is laser-checked as it passes through production.

Whether you drive a Hilux, Land Cruiser, Ranger, L200, Navara, Patrol, Land Rover, Jeep or any other 4WD vehicle, Xtreme Outback will probably have a kit to suit your needs from towing to off road recovery, farming and agriculture, commercial and industrial.

4×4 Works are proud to be the UK supplier and retailer of Xtreme Outback products. We have many years of experience with the brand and in-depth technical knowledge – so we are well-placed to help you find the correct kit for your needs. Our staff are helping leisure and overland users, farmers, fleet and commercial operators to improve their towing capabilities on a daily basis and we have a variety of different kit specs for many applications.

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