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  • Everything you ever needed to know about the Mitsubishi L200

    4x4 Works 22/02/2021

    For four decades now, the Mitsubishi L200 has remained the workhorse pickup truck and while it’s now on its sixth model, very little has changed fundamentally in those 40 years or so. It’s a classic pickup truck, with off-road power with a classic look and exceptional performance for the price.  But what sets it apart […]

  • Top 5 4×4 vehicles under £5k

    4x4 Works 15/02/2021

    One of the most common misconceptions about off-roading is that the barrier for entry is too high.  Many of us have always wanted to get into it as a hobby or purchase a 4×4 vehicle to help in our careers, but have been put off by the thought of having to spend multiple tens of […]

  • Everything you ever needed to know about the Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon

    4x4 Works 11/02/2021

    Some vehicles might fall out of fashion and favour as tastes wane but others manage to weather this storm and emerge as all-time classics. This is a fate we feel will eventually be bestowed upon the Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon, a trusty Japanese off-roader with a decent heritage that could give you a lot of […]

  • 4×4 recovery – The safest techniques and the best gear

    4x4 Works 08/02/2021

    Perhaps the greatest thrill of being a 4×4 owner and hobbyist is the unique and subtle sense of danger. Why else would we put ourselves and our vehicles through so much off-road punishment? It’s that sense that anything could happen that makes it so exhilarating. However, if things go wrong (and they will, eventually), it’s […]

  • Everything you ever needed to know about the Ford Ranger

    4x4 Works 25/01/2021

    For decades now, the Ford Ranger has been a model of car synonymous with good, old-fashioned strength, durability, and value for money.  The name has its origins in the late 1950s and the now long-forgotten “Edsel” division, but it’s the Ranger pickup trucks of the 80s that really galvanised the name and the brand.  It […]

  • Do you need a long-range fuel tank on your 4×4?

    4x4 Works 19/01/2021

    There are many kinds of 4×4 owner and then there are those that fall somewhere in-between. We have the school mums and their brand new Range Rovers on one hand and the true hobbyists on the other, then we have the long-distance tourers and towers too.  If you don’t fall into one of these latter […]

  • How on-board air compressors are used in off-roading

    4x4 Works 13/01/2021

    The glorious hobby of off-roading is a lot of things – exciting, rewarding, flexible, and expensive. One that it’s definitely not – predictable. Depending on the ferocity and frequency of your off-road jaunts, it can prove to be something of a minefield.  From jagged rocks and sharp inclines to muddy quagmires and grassy bogs, there […]

  • Underbody protection – Do I need it and what do I need?

    4x4 Works 04/01/2021

    If you’ve ever experienced the tension of ripping through some rocky terrain in your souped-up 4×4, wondering whether or not a rogue stone will ping up and puncture something vital on your 4×4 vehicle’s underbody then you’ve probably already done a little research on underbody protection.  The fact is, there is so much valuable stuff […]

  • What’s a Catch Can and do I need one?

    4x4 Works 28/12/2020

    An oil catch can is not one of those exciting and ‘sexy’ upgrades that you’ll put on your Christmas list for your 4×4 but it is definitely something you’ll look back on and regret not getting.  Because without a decent one, your vehicle could be severely compromised. What is a catch can? It’s exactly as […]

  • Shock Absorbers Explained

    4x4 Works 21/12/2020

    The obvious answer here would be, “shock absorbers exist to absorb shock,” but the truth is, the name is quite misleading.  The shock absorber actually exists to control the vertical motion of your vehicle’s wheels, affecting suspension travel and rebound, with the job of the shock absorption actually being handled by the springs. Indeed, on […]

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