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  • Overlanding with family

    Over landing and off-roading with the family

    4x4 Works 18/06/2021

    The greatest thing about our hobbies is being able to share our passions with those we love the most. Thankfully, while it might be a little difficult to get the kids interested in collecting vinyl records or fishing, off-roading is a hobby they will probably need very little encouragement to get involved in. I mean, […]

  • offroading in video games

    Off-Roading In Video Games

    4x4 Works 14/06/2021

    Although we have covered some interesting off-road topics recently, such as youtube channels and great places to go, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce you all to a new world. Video games are portals to new roads and environments that are out of our grasp. They can give us wonderful experiences […]

  • Overlanding action

    Is overlanding an expensive hobby?

    4x4 Works 11/06/2021

    Everybody needs a hobby. Our hobbies keep us grounded in a world that is always throwing up new horrible surprises to send us off-balance.  But when picking a new hobby that you could potentially be sinking dozens of years into, there’s one thing you need to ask – how much will it cost you? Overlanding […]

  • Checking 4x4 vehicle

    A complete off-roading checklist

    4x4 Works 07/06/2021

    Off-roading is a lot of things. It’s a thrilling hobby, a constant source of wonder and a way to see parts of the world most people will never get to see.  What it’s not, however, is predictable. That’s why there is so much gear associated with an off-roading trip – you never really know what […]

  • Vehicle and tent

    The art of getting lost – A beginner’s guide to overlanding

    4x4 Works 04/06/2021

    With so many of us barred from any hope of going abroad this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for ‘staycations’ has skyrocketed.  For many, the idea of vacationing in the UK might seem a bit of a letdown but for 4×4 enthusiasts, it presents an interesting opportunity; an opportunity to […]

  • Top 4x4 offroad vehicle

    The 5 greatest 4x4s of all time

    4x4 Works 01/06/2021

    While there are quite literally hundreds of varied makes and models to choose from on the 4×4 scene there is only a handful that we continually see on our roads regularly.  You’ll probably see a dozen or so Ford Rangers on your way to work for example, but does that make them the best 4×4 […]

  • Ford Ranger upgrades

    Suspension lift kits for the Ford Ranger 2011 to present

    4x4 Works 28/05/2021

    One of the most common upgrades we get asked about by both hardcore off-road enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike is suspension replacement. This is an upgrade that not only gives your vehicle a more pronounced and commanding look but offers a major ride quality boost. There are three basic ways to lift a 4×4 vehicle:  […]

  • Top off roading USA

    Off-roading in the United States – Top 5 off-roading destinations

    4x4 Works 24/05/2021

    The United States is the one place on our great planet that we all immediately think of whenever somebody utters the phrase “wide open road.”  But it’s not only the roads that make it such an incredible country, it’s what happens between those roads and off those roads that really make America such a joy […]

  • Offroading locations for beginners

    The UK’s 5 best off-roading destinations for beginners

    4x4 Works 17/05/2021

    The majority of us who opt for a 4×4 over a conventional motor do so for the power and the looks, not the off-road potential. But anyone who might occasionally glance longingly at their Toyota Land Cruiser in the driveway and wonder what lies beyond the tarmac is in luck because the UK is littered […]

  • Nissan suspension kit

    Suspension upgrades and lift kits for the Nissan Navara NP300

    4x4 Works 10/05/2021

    Suspension lift kits are quite comfortably some of the most common upgrade options for all 4×4 owners to consider.  Not only can they lift up your vehicle and make it look like the car you know it wants to be but as long as you choose the right kit for the right make and model […]

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