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  • Air compressor

    Fitting an on-board air compressor kit in your 4×4

    4x4 Works 13/09/2021

    In off-roading circles, air compressors are quite common as they can be used for a multitude of tasks – from filling up your tyres on the road to running locking differentials for an extra bit of traction. But if you’re in the market for an air compressor there are several factors to consider, all of […]

  • Offroad roof rack

    The best rooftop storage options for your 4×4

    4x4 Works 10/09/2021

    If you’re planning on taking a long trip in your 4×4 then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to fit everything required in the vehicle itself, particularly if it’s a camping trip. That’s why you’ll find dozens of 4WD roof rack options to suit all vehicles and requirements. Here we’ll be taking you through the available […]

  • Off road blogging

    10 of the best off-road Blogs (besides this one)

    4x4 Works 06/09/2021

    As is the case with all hobbies, there are quite literally hundreds of online blogs dedicated to the wonderful worlds of off-roading and 4×4. But with so many to choose from (this one included, of course), which are the blogs that are worthy of your attention? Allow us to elaborate. 4×4 Magazine Not only the […]

  • The top 5 benefits of a 4×4 fridge freezer

    4x4 Works 06/09/2021

    The portable fridge has become something of a must-have for all serious off-roaders. So much more than just a beer chiller (though they work wonders for that too, of course), these effortlessly cool 12v marvels have increased in size and power in recent years to the extent you could now comfortably store a week’s worth […]

  • tent on the roof of 4x4

    Camping in your 4×4 – How to do it in comfort

    4x4 Works 31/08/2021

    Camping is one of those things that always seems like a good idea at the time but is often regretted in hindsight. It’s always either too cold or too hot, the tent always takes hours to put up properly and there’s rarely enough space. But if you’re a 4×4 owner and you fancy a night […]

  • Puncture

    How to deal with a 4×4 tyre puncture in an emergency

    4x4 Works 16/08/2021

    Dealing with a tyre puncture is one of the great tests that all drivers will have to take at some point in their lives. While 4x4s might be built to bear a little more punishment than your average commuter vehicle, if you’re hitting some pretty rough terrain regularly then, eventually, you might end up with […]

  • Baby off-roader

    The best baby off-roaders

    4x4 Works 13/08/2021

    Sometimes you don’t need a lot to make a big impression. Look at the prolonged success of the humble Mini for proof. Of course, you might understandably assume that the idea of a small 4×4 would be something of an anathema. However, just because something is powerful that doesn’t mean it has to be an […]

  • Close up tyres

    Does towing cause uneven tyre wear and how do I prevent it?

    4x4 Works 08/08/2021

    For many 4×4 owners, one of the primary benefits of owning a vehicle so powerful is its ability to be used as a tow, either for commercial purposes or to carry a mobile home. However, even with an incredibly sturdy chassis and the best suspension upgrades in the world, if you use that tow frequently […]

  • 4x4 tyre

    The very best all-terrain 4×4 tyres

    4x4 Works 06/08/2021

    There are very few 4×4 drivers who are either all off-road or all on-road. The vast majority of us prefer our vehicles to find the perfect middle ground between the two – a beast on the green lanes and a refined and comfortable drive on the motorway. That’s why all-terrain tyres are such a wise […]

  • 4x4 in the snow

    Suspension upgrades and lift kits for the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport

    4x4 Works 02/08/2021

    Suspension lifting is the most commonly requested performance upgrade amongst 4×4 enthusiasts for several reasons. Giving your ride a lift makes it look more like a ‘proper’ 4×4 and it can also make the driving experience feel more empowering. Above all else though, it’s going to give your vehicle a significant advantage when it comes […]

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