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  • Choosing a wheel arch kit for your 4×4

    4x4 Works 21/09/2020

    Wheel arch kits are one of the most common 4X4 upgrades and are something that many enthusiasts often consider when looking for affordable ways to add a little width and power to their vehicles.  These kits, often referred to colloquially as ‘fender flares’ due to the extra eye-popping glory they bring to a vehicle, fit […]

  • The enduring legend of the Land Cruiser 80 Series

    4x4 Works 14/09/2020

    The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most beloved 4X4 vehicles of all time. It’s practically an icon.  But what is it about this particular design and brand that has been getting enthusiasts juices flowing for 70 years now? Is it something tangible or is it more of an ephemeral ‘magic’ that only comes […]

  • Air lockers vs E-lockers – The locking differential debate

    4x4 Works 07/09/2020

    You can sugarcoat it anyway you like but the truth is that many of the aftermarket 4X4 mods we spend our days fawning over are designed to improve the way our vehicle does two things – maintains traction and overcomes obstacles.  This is also true of a locking differential, but there is a key choice […]

  • Steel or synthetic? Choosing a winch rope for your 4×4

    4x4 Works 31/08/2020

    There is a clear divide amongst 4X4 enthusiasts when it comes to the question of steel or synthetic winch ropes and it’s an argument that has only quite recently developed.  This is because steel was always the traditional choice and synthetic rope was always beyond the reach of many hobbyists.  In recent years, however, the […]

  • The benefits of fitting a diesel water separator filter

    4x4 Works 24/08/2020

    Every 4X4 is unique in many ways because for so many of us it’s a pet project that’s never quite finished – because saying “enough is enough” is tantamount to admitting defeat, right?  But while there are dozens of accessories and upgrades you can indulge in that will make your vehicle run more economically, improve […]

  • What is a locking differential and what does it do?

    4x4 Works 17/08/2020

    If you’re just getting into the world of off-road vehicle ownership then you’ve probably noticed there is a lot to learn. So many potential 4X4 mods and upgrades to consider and maintenance tips to digest.  That’s why it’s best to take it slow and focus on each piece of the puzzle individually before understanding how […]

  • Are bypass shock absorbers your next 4X4 upgrade?

    4x4 Works 10/08/2020

    There can be few things in life more satisfying than kitting out your 4X4 with some new gear and bringing it closer to the dream off-road stallion you always dreamt it could be.  The great thing about the industry now is that the kind of technology once reserved for the professional racing crowd can now […]

  • The power and precision of electronic throttle controllers

    4x4 Works 03/08/2020

    The world of 4X4 is inundated with advertisements claiming “this product will give you extra horsepower,” or, “that product will give you better performance.”  However, nine times out of ten, the best upgrades are not those that change your vehicle’s performance substantially but those that allow you to fine-tune it. This is certainly the case […]

  • Fitting a winch to your 4X4 – A step-by-step guide

    4x4 Works 27/07/2020

    So, you’ve chosen the ideal winch for your 4X4 and you’re ready to mount it, but where to begin? Winches are expensive and powerful accessories that are heavy duty and engineered to perfection, but proper and secure installation is vital to ensure safety and correct operation Mercifully, it’s not a particularly daunting task as long […]

  • The unique benefits of 4X4 snorkel kits

    4x4 Works 20/07/2020

    A snorkel kit is one of the most popular 4×4 upgrades on the market and with good reason: If you value the quality of the air reaching your engine and the health and performance of your vehicle then it really is a no-brainer.  Whether you’re a regular off-road driver, just an occasional dabbler or never […]

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