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Rhinohide was formed in 2016 by Marc Berryman in Perth, Australia. After borrowing his parents’ brand new 4×4 in his youth for a trip to a local shop, he had taken the vehicle off road and seriously scratched up the paintwork. This experience, and his parents’ reaction to the damage, set him on a course which saw him invent a brand new product almost 20 years later.

Fast forward to 2016, and Berryman was featured on the Australian TV show Shark Tank, which is the Aussie equivalent to UK show Dragons Den. Three of the show’s investors were interested in his proposal, and he ended up taking investments from two of them. After this high profile start, Berryman got to work in creating a number of vehicle-specific kits for popular models.

The early versions of the product were magnetic and whilst easy to attach, they were not secure enough to be used at highway speeds. Therefore, unless the user lived close to the bush, it would be necessary to take the kit with them in a large carry bag and attach it after reaching the rough stuff.

The product was useful and highly praised – most notable when Rhinohide won the Global Media Award at SEMA 2019 – but not being capable of highway speeds was a significant limitation and one which Berryman was keen to overcome.

In 2020, during COVID lockdown, the development team painstakingly worked to reinvent the product and then carry out some serious testing on the final version. The new kits would have an anchor point system called Armor-Lock; these attachment points would be located across the vehicle’s body panels and would stay there semi-permanently – although they can be removed without damage if required. Each Rhinohide panel would then clip onto the anchor points for a secure fit.

With a patented shock absorber system built into each anchor point and a secure fastener at every anchor point with a tamper-proof key, the panels were secure and hard to steal – plus they were tested at and rated to 130km/hr highway speeds. The result was a protection system which could be used for on and off road protection and styling, comprising of individual 2mm thick ABS protection panels.

The new kits were made available for vehicles including the Hilux, Land Cruiser, Ranger, Jeep Wrangler and others. With their distinctive styling, the kits looked cool but also offered protection from branches, stone chips, brambles and other contact issues. The kits were tested across Australia in the harshest of environments, and a durable storage bag was provided for owners who wished to use the kits for only some of the time. Pound for pound, Rhinohide is probably the most radical and complete solution in the world for re-styling your 4WD.

4×4 Works are proud to be the UK distributor and retailer for Rhinohide. We offer the full range of kits, along with spares as needed. With a wealth of product experience, we can help you to select the right product for your needs, whether life takes you on or off road.