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RaceChip was established in Germany’s Swabian Alb region in 2008 by automotive engineer Manuel Götz. Manuel assembled a team of leading vehicle engineers and race car technicians and carried out a detailed study into the performance parameters of more than 50 different car and 4×4 models. He discovered that, without stressing the engines, it was possible to optimise performance and to save fuel at the same time.

The next two years were spent refining the product and running extensive stress tests on a fleet of vehicles. The product was continually modified and re-tested, until the product was capable of producing demonstrable results without over-working the engine or other components.

With so many tuning and performance upgrades on the market, it can be hard to choose the best one for your 4×4, pickup or passenger car. Some are complicated and expensive to fit, whilst others cannot demonstrate specific gains in performance which would be useful to most drivers. An alternative is to have your ECU remapped, but this can be risky as it tends to involve disabling safety systems which are there to prevent engine damage or overheating.

RaceChip was born as a middle ground between high performance products and remaps which offer short-term gains but may cause pain in the long run, and more mild upgrades which may produce a few extra BHP’s but might not give enough oomph to satisfy the masses. Typically, fitting a RaceChip product will give a 20 to 30 percent performance boost and this is achieved by simply installing a small box in the engine compartment and connecting a couple of wires.

Unlike many remaps, RaceChip does not disable or override any engine safety parameters. What it does achieve is to release the extra HP which you car has always had in reserve. When designing a range of modern cars, manufacturers often use the same engine and associated components but with different levels of “tune” to satisfy different market segments. RaceChip allows you to tap into this power reserve, thus increasing power without needing to make other component changes.

A side-effect of this process is the ability to drive in higher gear at the same speeds. Higher gears mean lower revs, and lower revs mean lower fuel consumption. Depending on your driving style, savings of 20 percent are not unrealistic for some vehicle models.

Not every driver wants the same outcome when installing a RaceChip, so the GTS product range was launched with optional smartphone app control. With the app, fine tuning is possible and the user can favour all-out performance, fuel economy, or a balance of the two.

4×4 Works are proud to be the largest RaceChip 4×4 specialist in the UK. We avoided selling this type of product for years as we did not want to offer something which was not fully tried and tested, but we are 100% happy to recommend RaceChip and in fact we use it on all our own cars and trucks. Whatever outcome you are looking for, RaceChip is a high quality, tried and tested solution.

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