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PWR Advanced Cooling Technology was established as K&J Thermal Products in 1987 in Queensland, Australia, by Kees Weel and his family. Demand was growing fast for uprated cooling systems for 4WD and commercial vehicles, and Weel had founded K&J Thermal Products to meet this demand. His timing was impeccable, and with their growing reputation as a high end brand, the years have been kind to the PWR brand.

By the late 1990s, with over 120 staff and offices in every major Australian city, K&J were the Australian market leaders, developing high-spec lightweight aluminium radiators, intercoolers and oil coolers for road, race and commercial customers. Weel’s son Paul Weel had joined the business, having grown up around the automotive cooling industry which his father was so passionate about, and he was keen to expand the performance cooling line further. PWR Advanced Cooling Technology was born, PWR being an abbreviation of Paul Weel Radiators.

The PWR product line had some unique features, from race-derived heat exchanger designs to a manufacturing process which focused on aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, and with the flexibility to be able to build custom products to meet individual needs. The Weel family were doing something which simply could not be found elsewhere in Australia – designing and building the products from start to finish with innovative features and benefits which would see the brand becoming more and more prominent in top tier motorsport.

PWR Advanced Cooling Technology is recognised and revered through the motorsport industry and has been behind numerous race and championship wins in Formula One, NASCAR, Dakar Rally and other categories. Beyond PWR’s doors, you will find some of the greatest minds in the automotive world, and race teams are constantly working with PWR for technical support as they strive to improve their cars.

When building an off-road monster or overland adventure rig, particularly if visiting locations such as the Sahara, the importance of proper and effective cooling cannot be underestimated. Stock radiators can overheat and fail under high temperatures and pressures, and OE oil coolers and intercoolers can be insufficient to provide proper cooling. These shortcomings can cause breakdowns and catastrophic engine failures, leaving you stranded and bringing a long-planned adventure to an abrupt end.

Engine swaps and power upgrades are becoming more and more common in the 4WD world, and many models from the Hilux and Land Cruiser to the Ranger, Navara, D-Max, Land Rover and Amarok can be greatly enhanced with remaps, performance exhausts, turbo upgrades and other tweaks. However, unless you properly address the cooling system limitations, you may not see the full benefits of these power upgrades and you may cause overheating problems further down the line. Only PWR are truly able to help you get the best out of your cooling systems, with their state-of-the-art products and tech.

4×4 Works are proud to be the UK’s largest Powerbrake 4WD specialist. We supply cooling products to race teams, commercial and agricultural users, adventure rig builders and fast road customers who want to get the most out of their performance-oriented vehicles.

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