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KAM Differentials are a British manufacturer of axle shafts and related components. Based in Oxford, UK, the brand was acquired by Allmakes in 2017 and the range was slimmed down to include just a few popular Land Rover applications including the Defender and Discovery. With such a small offering, is this brand still relevant?

The answer is found in the nature of what happens to Land Rover axles when put to heavy use, or more so when diff lockers are fitted. By using a vehicle in low-traction conditions, it is of course more likely to become stuck and thus end up spinning the wheels. Fitting an Air Locker or ELocker is a great idea, but when replacing the differential with a highly durable upgraded unit, weaknesses further down the line can become more apparent.

KAM products are normally hardened, heavy duty replacements for OE factory components, and one such upgrade is the axle shaft. Colloquially known as half-shafts, the axle shafts transfer drive from the differential to the road wheels and in the process they take a lot of stresses and strains. With the standard Land Rover parts or their equivalents, it is all too easy to get over-enthusiastic when driving in the sticky stuff and end up snapping a shaft. Of course, a broken shaft can be the end of a fun day out and the beginning of a perhaps difficult rescues and recovery operation, followed by a time consuming and costly repair.

With KAM hardened shafts, such failures are far less likely and the shafts are more closely matched in their durability to the differentials which drive them. The existing range applies only to Land Rover models, but they are sought after and ever popular with those who remember the KAM name as a sign of quality.

4×4 Works are proud to be one of the last remaining KAM retailers, with a wealth of experience in Land Rover driveline products. We are here to help you find the right shafts, diff lockers and other components to keep your Land Rover moving, whatever the conditions.