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Icon Vehicle Dynamics was founded in 2008 in California, USA, by legendary 4WD restorer and inventor Jonathan Ward. Ward had already made a big name for himself in the premium restoration and restomod markets, taking vehicles such as the humble Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series and or the venerable 80 Series and turning them into beautifully restored machines with a range of build options including power upgrades, suspension systems and comfort improvements.

TLC Automotive, Ward’s main business, was using suspension kits from brands such as Old Man Emu and these worked fine for some types of builds – but the most discerning customers were demanding a fully integrated suspension product which would truly bring out the best in their custom 4WD build. Also, Ward saw a gap in the market for a suspension product which he could retail outside of the TLC business, for customers to self-install.

Creating the perfect suspension package for a 4WD model or pickup truck is no mean feat, and it is a costly process in terms of labour time and manufacturing. Ask just about anyone in the US 4 wheel drive world and they will agree that Jonathan Ward is an industry expert with an enviable track record to match. Early development focused on Toyota models but also included full-size American trucks such as the Ram, F-150, Silverado and Sierra. Many of these vehicles are used for heavy work but also as family cars and everyday drivers, and owners have become more and more particular about the upgrades they want for their rigs.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics suspensions

Icon realised that an important part of the suspension package is the type of wheel the owner selects. Whilst it is easy to think of a wheel upgrade as nothing more than an aesthetic purchase, this could not be further from the truth. Wheels and tyres add varying amounts of un-sprung weight to a vehicle, and these changes can have a profound affect on the handling. With this in mind Icon set about developing some of the most eye-catching premium wheels on the market, with the added benefit of being correctly balanced to suit specific suspension setups.

For many vehicle models, Icon have a “Stage” system in place; Stage 1 being the most basic package on offer. A unique benefit with Icon is that you can uprate your Stage 1 kit to Stage 2 and beyond by simply purchasing upgrade parts. This future-proofs your investment and means that, no matter what changes you want to make to your build in the future, your initial investment in Icon will not become obsolete.

4×4 Works are proud to be the sole official Icon Vehicle Dynamics importer and retailer in the UK. We are fully product trained and have access to Icon’s best-in-the-business technical resources and product options. When you invest in Icon, you invest in a sublime suspension package which can transform your 4WD and provide levels of comfort and safety which were previously unavailable in the 4×4 world. Every Icon customer is different, and we are here to help you make the right choices.

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