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Flashlube was developed in 1986 in Melbourne, Australia, by the German CSIRO scientist Wolfgang Kluenner. Whilst working on the problem of valve seat recession in combustion engines at Monash University, Kluenner devoted much of his time to researching and inventing a solution for the problem. After nine years of tireless work, Flashlube Pty Limited was formed in 1995 and its new technological breakthroughs finally became available across the world.

Whist other companies had investigated the problem of vale seat recession in the past, Kluenner had make a breakthrough which was to be recognised by industry bodies in the road-going, industrial, agricultural and motorcycle markets of the world: Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid.

In the 1990s, the automotive fuel industry had been working to modify the diesel fuel which was sold at pumps worldwide and the movement towards low sulphur fuel was underway. Whilst this has undeniable environmental benefits, this new fuel standard was not beneficial for diesel engines and could be particularly harmful for older engines. As one of the world’s leading automotive scientists, Kluenner worked tirelessly to develop a solution and eventually his new product was ready: Flashlube Diesel Conditioner. This innovative product, with its sulphur-free formulation, had the ability to lubricate engine components during combustion and therefore to counter the wear which could be caused by the lack of sulphur.

It became apparent that the growing adventure travel market needed an advanced diesel filtration system, and once again Flashlube were quick to respond. When driving in areas with poor fuel quality or fuel-water contamination (which can happen anywhere from African roadside gas sellers to UK petrol stations), water is drawn into the engine from the fuel tank and then forced through the injectors. This causes damage to the fuel pump and fuel lines, but most notably it corrodes the fuel injectors and causes them to fail prematurely. The source of water can even be condensation inside your fuel tank, but regardless of its origin, this water has no place in your engine and inevitable damage will occur over time. The Flashlube Diesel Filter effectively removes and stores this water, allowing it to be easily drained off at periodic intervals.

Flashlube’s other high-profile 4WD product is the Catch Can Pro. As a modern diesel engine recirculates combustion gasses via the EGR valve and associated components, coot and carbon deposits are circulated back through the engine. Whilst this is good for the environment, it is certainly not what your engine needs and it causes soot build up over time. Catch Can Pro filters out these deposits, for a clean and long-lasting engine.

If you care about the longevity of your diesel powered 4WD, whether you have a Hilux or Land Cruiser, Ranger, a D-Max, Shogun, L200 or Navara, then the Flashlube range is worth your consideration. Vehicle manufacturers may not car how long your engine lasts, but with these simple products you can make a proven difference to engine life and fuel consumption.

4×4 Works are proud to be the UK importer and retailer for Flashlube products. We can supply Diesel Filter and Catch Can Pro kits for many models, with vehicle-specific mounting systems and professional quality components throughout.

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