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Eibach was founded in 1951 in Rönkhausen, Germany, by Heinrich Eibach. The company was formed not to produce coil springs for cars and vans but with other specialist and industrial uses in mind, including earthquake protection systems beneath buildings, parts for toys and components for power plants.

With their specialised product divisions growing fast and an increasing number of industries turning to them for product development, Eibach soon became one of the world’s leading spring manufacturers. After the company founder died in 1967 and his son Wilfried Eibach took over, the company’s focus shifted to surface technology applications and latterly, in 1975, to the automotive world.

Automotive parts proved to be a lucrative growth area for the business, and by the late 1990s Eibach had automotive subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia. The company showed a particular interest in race applications, and have worked closely with many race teams ever since – including Formula One, NASCAR, DTM, WRC, the IndyCar Championships and others.

Best known for their sporty product lines, lowering springs are one of Eibach’s leading product ranges and are offered for everything from Audi and BMW models to many 4×4 and SUV vehicles. To further enhance their presence in the 4WD world, Eibach also offer a range of lift kits under the Pro-Lift moniker.

In recent years, Eibach have become the official suspension spring supplier for almost all Formula One teams and their industrial products are found as safety systems in many nuclear power plants.

Choosing the correct lowering or lifting springs for your vehicle can require some basic knowledge of suspension types. In the vast majority of modern passenger cars, SUV models and light commercials, coil springs are to be found at all four corners of the vehicle. Without needing to change other components, only a relatively small amount of lift or lowering can be achieved. Fortunately, in every case where Eibach springs are available, they can be fitted along with vehicle manufacturer’s existing OE suspension parts without any other changes being needed. This makes for simple and straightforward installation and a predictable outcome.

There are several reasons for lowering a vehicle. The most common is to improve road handling as a lowered vehicle will have a different centre of gravity and thus will feel more sporty and handle more positively. The benefits here are both functional and aesthetic, with the lowered look being favoured by many drivers. However, another reason for lowering a vehicle can be for ease of access – which is useful for less tall people and those with mobility issues or disabilities.

Similarly, lifting a vehicle is normally done to improve ground clearance on rough tracks or off road, for cosmetic reasons or to enable the installation of larger wheels and tyres.

4×4 Works are proud to be the UK’s largest Eibach 4×4 specialist, with an extensive product range and unrivalled technical knowledge. We are here to help you select the correct Eibach product for your vehicle, whether on the track, crossing fields, or on the highway.

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