TRED Pro Recovery Boards Grey-Orange

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Heavy duty recovery boards and accessories for self-rescue in a variety of conditions.

Brand: TRED Pro
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TRED Pro recovery boards are an innovative self-recovery system for use in most weather conditions and climates. Available accessories include mounting systems, storage bags and recovery leashes.

Description: TRED Pro Recovery Boards Grey-Orange

About the Product

Specially designed for when you find yourself stuck off the beaten track without any help in sight – TRED Pro is the ultimate recovery device to get you out of trouble when traction is lost in even the toughest of conditions; whether it be in sand, mud or even snow. Featuring a unique composite construction EXOTRED, TRED Pro are extremely durable, wear resistant and can handle high levels of flexibility; providing the ultimate traction by maintaining a high level of pressure on the tire while withstanding the flex of being under vehicle weight on less than stable ground.

Driving as a single vehicle/operator with TRED recovery boards ensures you can get unstuck even on solo adventures. TRED are an essential piece of equipment for your off-road recovery kit. From full scale recovery for the serious off-roader to recreational family trips, or even commercial applications including mining and industrial, TRED is being tested with impressive results across all usage types. TRED can eliminate the hazardous practices of other vehicle recovery options involving highly stressed components such as steel cables, shackles, snatch straps and winches, keeping you, your family and your vehicle safe. 

Product Features

  • Perfect for fast solo recoveries
  • Optional mount kit suits most mounting options
  • Extreme hex grip nodules along the entire board length
  • Highly wear resistant
  • Unique nylon material for superior flex and durability
  • Low profile design

All information and photos are for general guidance only and the parts you receive may vary depending on your specific application.  Whilst we go to every effort to show the correct part in the photos, this is not always possible.

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