Terrain Tamer Upper Control Arms Ford Ranger T6 PX1 PX2 PX3 2011-on Pair

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Heavy duty UCAs for lifted vehicles from a trusted Australian brand.

Brand: Terrain Tamer
Availability: Usually in UK/EU stock



Terrain Tamer Upper Control Arms

Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Upper Control Arms are designed for lifted 4WD vehicles and trucks. They offer an improved range of camber adjustment using OEM adjusters.

Model: Ford Ranger T6 PX1 PX2 PX3 2011-on
Compatible Lift: 50mm
Quantity: Supplied as a pair
Notes: Also fits 2015-on Everest UA models.

About the Product

Many modern 4WD vehicles are lacking in camber adjustment range. This becomes a greater issue when the vehicle has been raised with suspension lift kits. Terrain Tamer have a range of high quality, heavy duty Upper Control Arms to address this issue.

Featuring free pivoting giro bushings, heavy duty greasable ball joints with forged ball joint housings and end rings, these UCAs are built to withstand the rigors of off-road and overland use.

Product Features

  • Forged ball joint housing
  • Forged end rings
  • Improves camber adjustment range
  • Delivers maximum shock absorber extension
  • Heavy duty ball joint
  • 3 year/60,000km warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

“Are Terrain Tamer upper control arms stronger than the original parts?”
Yes, most OE upper control arms are of folded construction. Terrain Tamer arms are formed from heavy duty tube and seam-welded, which makes them much stronger and more durable.

“Why would I need to replace my control arms?”
For every 25mm of additional lift height, your vehicle will lose around 1 degree of caster. Many modern vehicles have about 2 degrees of caster adjustment available for wheel alignment, so adding a 2 inch lift means that you no longer have the means to properly adjust wheel alignment as needed. Fitting Terrain Tamer upper control arms allows for proper adjustment by restoring factory settings.

“Is this product suitable for standard height vehicles?”
No, Terrain Tamer upper control arms are intended for vehicles with around 2 inches of lift only. They will work perfectly with Terrain Tamer suspension kits, or other kits which offer a similar amount of lift.

“Are Terrain Tamer control arms adjustable or fixed?”
Terrain Tamer control arms have a non adjustable ball joint.

“Can the ball joint be serviced or replaced?”
Yes, the ball joint can be removed and replaced, it can also be greased. The bushes can also be replaced if needed.

All information and photos are for general guidance only and the parts you receive may vary depending on your specific application.  Whilst we go to every effort to show the correct part in the photos, this is not always possible.

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