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Terrain Tamer was established in 1969 in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Founded by Don Kyatt and Frank Hutchinson as a mechanical upgrades specialist focusing on the mechanical upgrades market, their early customers included companies who ran Bedford commercial vehicles and tour operators like Bill King (known as King of the Outback) who bravely took tour groups deep into virtually uncharted parts of the Australian outback.

In 1960’s Australia, there were no vehicle upgrades to speak of and users were limited to whatever the vehicle manufacturer could offer; parts which too often were not suited to Australia’s harsh terrain and searing summer heat. Breaking down in the outback can easily put your life at risk, so Don and Frank set about manufacturing and sourcing higher quality parts to enhance performance and reliability.

Frank has remained pivotal to the business for more than 50 years, building a family owned and run company with an increasingly global reach from a vast warehouse and factory in Melbourne. The 1970’s and 1980’s saw the company developing product ranges including alternators, starter motors, radiators, engine upgrades, and eventually the famous range of Terrain Tamer suspension kits.

As a family run business, capably overseen by Frank after the death of co-founder Don Kyatt, and latterly managed by Frank’s son Brent Hutchinson, Terrain Tamer products have become increasingly sought after in some of the world’s most inaccessible and isolated areas – including much of south America and many African countries. Users in these locations seek out Terrain Tamer for their focus on offering simple but genuinely durable parts – all delivered with the company motto, “parts that will get you home”.

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The 1980’s and 1990’s saw an increasing focus on a product range which for many is synonymous with the Terrain Tamer name: rebuild kits. Hutchinson knew that, for the average home mechanic or small workshop, the task of rebuilding a gearbox, axle, engine or hub assembly was a difficult one as many parts needed to be sourced from different suppliers. These parts could sometimes be incorrect, holding up the rebuild, or of low quality – meaning that the rebuilt transmission or diff could be unreliable or lacking in durability. Every Terrain Tamer kit contains carefully selected parts of the highest quality, painstakingly researched to ensure correct fitment and long service life.

In Europe, Terrain Tamer built a large distribution facility in the early 2000’s and greatly increased product availability across the continent – from the United Kingdom to France, Germany, Italy and beyond. Although the company has gone from strength to strength, Terrain Tamer has never lost sight of the close relationship they have with their customers, helping to keep vehicles on the road for overlanders, explorers, mining companies, emergency services and rescue organisations, agricultural workers and farmers. Ask anyone with experience of the brand and they will speak of quality, service innovation.

Perhaps the best known Terrain Tamer product in Europe would be their suspension upgrade packages. Boasting features such as Parabolic leaf springs, Smart Coils, heavy duty shock absorbers, shackle and pin kits, u-bolts and bushes, These kits are intended for on-road comfort as much as they are for off-road durability and adventure.

4×4 Works are proud to be one of Europe’s largest and best known Terrain Tamer importers and official distributors for the UK. We have a tremendous depth of product knowledge to draw upon and we are here to help you find the best Terrain Tamer parts to improve and enhance your vehicle – wherever your adventures take you.

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