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Raptor Bed Liner Paint Coating – Black White or Tintable – Volkswagen Transporter

SKU: RP00PF10609A Categories: , , Tags: , ,

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Raptor Bed Liner Paint Coating – Black White or Tintable – Volkswagen Transporter

SKU: RP00PF10609A Categories: , , Tags: , ,
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from £119.00 inc VAT

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The original hard-wearing bed liner paint, with a wide range of uses.

Brand: U-Pol (click for brand info)
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Raptor Liner is the original and best bed liner paint. Durable, hard-wearing and easy to apply for a range of finishes from smooth to coarse textures.

Vehicle Model: Suits all models
Finish: Choice of black, white or tintable
Kit Contents: 4x 0.75 Litre bottles of Raptor Liner, 1x 1 Litre bottle of Raptor Hardener
Notes: Quantity required will very depending on application technique and number of coats used. Spray gun is not included in the price.

*** Most medium to large cars and 4×4 models need 2x 4 Litre Raptor kits to fully cover the exterior body. Truck beds or interior floors need 1x 4 Litre Raptor kit. Vans will need more. Quantities are given as a guide only. ***

Originally developed as a durable coating for truck beds, U-Pol Raptor Liner is the original and best known bed sealant. Pickup trucks often have plastic bed liners fitted, which can trap water and cause the truck bed to rust and prematurely fail. Using Raptor Liner can considerably improve the life of the truck bed by adding an attractive water and oil resistant finish.

Raptor Liner is also commonly used for other purposes such as painting vehicle panels, classic car restoration, coating bumpers, roof racks, plastics and far more. Alongside the traditional black finish, a tintable version of the product is available which can be coloured by adding up to 10% solvent-based automotive paint.

The product can be applied using a roller, brush or a spray gun. When spraying, a 6 HP compressor with a 150 PSI line pressure is recommended. A variety of different finish textures can be achieved by increasing or decreasing the PSI. We always recommend using genuine Raptor applicator guns or rollers for best results.

Raptor Liner helps protect against mechanical damage, fuel spills, oil, rust, salt, moisture and extreme temperatures in automotive, marine, agricultural and commercial applications. Many surface types can be coated, including bare and painted steel and aluminium, GBP, galvanised surfaces, plastics, wood, polyester fillers and glass. Some surfaces may require additional preparation before coating.

  • Durable and UV-stable
  • Easy to use, easy to clean
  • Waterproof, helps prevent rust
  • Stain and abrasion resistant
  • Quick drying
  • No need to wax after applying
  • Acts as a sound deadener

“How much product do I need?”
This depends on your application technique and the thickness and number of coats of Raptor Liner you apply. As a guide though, 1x 4 litre kit is enough to paint a pickup load bed or 1.5 to 2x 4 litre kits are required to paint the exterior of a complete vehicle.

“How do I change the finish texture?”
When applying with a roller, use a fine roller for a smooth finish or a textured roller for a textured finish. When spraying, a higher PSI gives a smoother finish. As with any type of paint, proper preparation and testing is vital to achieve the desired result.

“Can Raptor Liner be dry baked?”
Yes, Raptor can be baked at 60c for 30 minutes. This will speed up the initial drying but will not reduce curing time; the finish should not be subjected to heavy use for 7 days and should be kept clean and dry for 72 hours.

“How do I create different colour Raptor finishes?”
Up to 10% solvent-based automotive paint can be added to Raptor Tintable products. Flat colours are recommended rather than metallics. Some acrylic basecoats can have a high colour strength, so less than 10% tint will be needed. Raptor must not be moxed with water based, polyester or enamel paints. Where possible, ask your paint supplier to leave out the binders for best pigment quality.

“Can Raptor be applied on top of a base coat?”
Yes, Raptor can be applied to properly prepared solvent and water based base coats.

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