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Raptor coating is a relatively new product, but it has become commonplace in the 4WD world. Marketed by 4×4 retailers as a “bed liner paint”, it is hardwearing and easy to apply. But this innovative product has a great many uses beyond the humble pickup truck bed. So is it right for your next project?

It is quite rare for a coating to take the market by storm, but U-Pol, the company behind Raptor coatings and tools, have developed a coating which is simply better than almost anything which was already available on the market. Whilst there may be imitations out there, the U-Pol product which we sell is the original, genuine article. If you use Raptor liner properly and follow the instructions on the tin, predictable and durable results are a given.

Raptor comes in three different colour options: black, white or tintable. With the latter, you can add most types of automotive paint to the mix for a colour to match your truck or 4WD, although do bear in mind that a perfect colour-code finish is not normally possible as Raptor does have different chemical properties to conventional paint finishes.

In the 4WD world, Raptor is normally reserved for metals or hard plastics – but we are told that it can be applied to wood concrete, fibreglass, aluminium, steel, plastics, glass and other surfaces – provided that correct preparation and application techniques are followed.

U-Pol Raptor coatings

Providing that surfaces are correctly prepared, which normally means the removal of old coatings, rust, dirt and moisture, it is possible to seal the underlying surface so that it can no longer deteriorate – and that surface could be the floors of your cherished Land Rover or Land Cruiser. Yes, Raptor is now widely used in the classic car restoration industry and rightly so.

Different finishes are possible by adjusting your spray nozzle or using varying types of rollers, and anything from smooth to very textured finishes can be achieved with little effort. Even the most textured finishes are surprisingly easy to clean, and for this reason the Raptor range is as at home on the chassis of a Hilux as it is on the truck bed of a Navara or on the body panels of a Shogun or Patrol.

U-Pol have realised that using the right tools is key to achieving the best results, so they have developed and marketed a range of tools from spray guns to rollers and from mixing pots to cleaning wipes. This is such a versatile product that you can easily apply a high-quality and durable polyurethane finish to your 4×4 at home with a brush, spray gun or roller. Having a few practices on test surfaces is a great way to start, but before you know it you will be a Raptor expert and your truck will be the envy of all your friends.

4×4 Works are proud to be one of the largest retailers of U-Pol Raptor products in the 4WD market, and with years of experience we know a thing or two about the product.

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