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Old Man Emu OME Coil Springs Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Series Wagon 1999-on Front

£195.00 inc VAT

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Old Man Emu OME Coil Springs Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Series Wagon 1999-on Front

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£195.00 inc VAT

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Tough and durable custom suspension components from the world famous off-road brand.

Brand: Old Man Emu (click for brand info)
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£195.00 inc VAT

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Amazing company if I will have the chance to order again something else from them I will!


So very happy with the service and very quick delivery thanks


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Old Man Emu Coil Springs are Australian engineered and have been sold worldwide for more than 30 years. These premium Coil Springs offer a great solution for on and off road use, with flexible options for varying amounts of weight.

Model: Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Series Wagon 1999-on
Estimated Lift: 50mm
Notes: OME Caster Correction Kit will increase caster angle by 2 degrees; check manufacturer specifications to determine if required. OME Anti Inversion Kit must be installed unless OME Greasable Shackles are fitted with OME leaf springs. Should the front drive shaft contact the sway bar when the suspension is at full droop, use OME Sway Bar Spacer Kit to pack the sway bar down. OME Lower Shock Mount Stone Guard is recommended fitment to rear shocks to protect against severe stone peppering encountered on loose road surfaces. OME Brake Proportioning Bracket is required for models up to mid 2016; for later vehicles refer to PIB no 343. For heavily loaded applications, choosing a lighter front spring may be necessary to maintain correct rake. Late 2014 to 2016 models will require OME Rear Brake Line Drop Kit.

Choosing the right suspension: Click Here

Whether you are travelling on-road, using your vehicle for green laning or competition purposes, or towing a caravan or trailer, the importance of a fully integrated 4×4 suspension system is paramount. Often, factory suspension setups cannot cope with extended heavy use and over time your springs can corrode or begin to sag. Shock absorbers can also become degraded or start to leak. Handling and load carrying can then suffer and eventually, if not replaced, components can fail. This could render the vehicle un-roadworthy and may even leave you stranded or cause an accident.

Old Man Emu suspension upgrades are designed for superior performance across all terrain, providing noticeable improvements to vehicle performance, increased load carrying capacity and control characteristics. These are high-grade kits with worldwide warranty support and every single component is developed and tested in-house by dedicated suspension engineers.

Selecting the right kit for your vehicle weight and usage is very important. Most standard vehicles, without extra permanent weight, will benefit most from a medium-rate setup. Some kits are given a weight rating in kg, this applies to permanent front or rear accessory weight such as steel bumpers, winches, etc. Other kits are rated for "bull bar", "bar and winch" and so on; this refers to full-weight protection bumpers and bull bars.

4×4 Works are authorised and trained by Old Man Emu. We have skilled and award-winning suspension engineers available to answer any questions and help you choose the right setup.

“Are OME springs better than the original equivalent parts??”
Yes, in many ways. Vehicle manufacturers have to source standard parts to a tight budget, whereas OME develop their parts with quality and durability in mind. OME springs often have a larger bar diameter, firmer spring rate, improved corrosion resistance and other design enhancements.

“Will OME springs fit straight onto my vehicle?”
Yes, OME springs are a direct fit.

“Are the supplied springs different lengths?”
Some vehicle models have unequal height springs to compensate for verying loads or design differences from one side of the vehicle to the other. In this case, the springs are labelled A and B; A springs are normally fitted to the right hand side. This can vary though and you should use your existing springs for comparison purposes.

“Are OME springs better off-road?”
OME suspension is designed to excel in most conditions, both on and off road.

“Is this a good choice for on-road comfort?”
Yes, providing of course that you order the correct springs for your application.

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