Old Man Emu OME BP-51 Bypass Shock Absorbers Jeep Wrangler JL 2018-on – 3.5″ 85mm Rear Pair

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Class-leading user adjustable internal bypass shock absorbers.

Brand: Old Man Emu
Availability: Usually in UK/EU Stock


Cars Models : Jeep, JL (2018-on), Wrangler,


Old Man Emu BP-51 Remote Reservoir Bypass Shock Absorbers

Old Man Emu BP-51is a user adjustable internal bypass 4WD shock absorber that delivers increased comfort and control, both on and off road.

Model Details: Jeep Wrangler JL 2018-on
Quantity: 2
Position: Rear
Compatible Lift: 3.5″ 85mm
Fitting Hardware: Complete fitting kit is included in the price
Notes: Suits SWB and LWB petrol and diesel models

About the Product

When the going gets tough and conditions become more extreme, original equipment shock absorbers are often not up to the job. High quality upgrade shock absorbers, such as the OME Nitrocharger range, are a good improvement over stock parts, but a point comes where serious upgrades are needed. Conventional twin-tube shock absorbers cannot cope with the extended punishment of driving for hours on corrugated roads, eventually leading to overheating and breakdown of the internal oil. To overcome this problem, Old Man Emu spent years developing their flagship suspension product: the BP-51 internal bypass shock absorber.

Unlike most other adjustable shock absorbers, which provide adjustment for compression only, the BP-51 range allows on vehicle, independent adjustability of both rebound and compression to offer class-leading ride customisation that can be tailored to individual vehicle or trip requirements. In addition to the velocity-sensitive damping used in most shock absorbers, where the faster the piston moves, the higher the level of damping is generated, BP-51 shock absorbers also generate damping dependent on the position of the piston within the shock absorber body via the bypass design.

While most shock absorbers only generate damping based on fluid flowing through the piston, the BP-51 offers an alternative path from one chamber to the other, around the piston in the form of bypass passages. Some fluid flows through the piston and some fluid bypasses around the piston; this results in the ability of the shock absorber to provide the best of both worlds, with a comfortable and compliant ride during normal driving and a more controlled ride over challenging terrain. With greater levels of damping generated at each end of the stroke, the piston slows as it approaches full compression and extension, preventing harsh topping out against the bump stop and allowing larger bumps and corrugations to be absorbed more easily.

Product Features

  • Internal bypass design for improved damping
  • On-body adjustable compression and rebound
  • 51mm diameter internal bore
  • External canister design with floating piston
  • Off-vehicle height adjustment (coilover models only)

Frequently Asked Questions

“Will this product fit my vehicle without modification?”
Yes, we include complete fitting hardware kits with the product and these allow for easy and secure fitting.

“Is this product compatible with my existing suspension?”
BP-51 shock absorbers are intended to be fitted along with Old Man Emu suspension or similar upgrade kits.

“Will BP-51 shocks work alongside standard height suspension?”
This is possible in many cases, although best results will be achieved with a complete, compatible suspension package.

“Is it important to properly adjust the compression and rebound settings?”
Yes, this is very important and time should be taken to achieve the best settings for your needs and preferences.

“Can you supply a complete Old Man Emu suspension package, tailored to suit my needs?”
Yes, see our other products for details or ask us for help.

All information and photos are for general guidance only and the parts you receive may vary depending on your specific application. Whilst we go to every effort to show the correct part in the photos, this is not always possible.

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