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Xforce was established in 2007 in Milperra, Australia, but a group of racing engineers. Early applications focused on the fast road market, where there was an obvious gap in the market. Many companies were offering high performance upgrades which were noisy and not road-legal in some countries; also, to fit these high performance systems, it was mandatory to make other changes to the vehicle.

During their initial development phase, the engineers at Xforce set out to create a best-of-both-worlds product which would suit fast road users but not necessitate making other costly changes to the vehicle. The focus was on designing larger bore systems with high performance characteristics, a top-notch build quality and an exhaust note to match, but the end result needed to be suitable for the needs of everyday drivers.

After successfully launching their fast road applications in the Australian market and later in the USA, Xforce turned their attention to the 4WD world. In this market segment, high build quality and structural durability are of great importance, as the vehicle will often be used in conditions which simply do not apply to the fast road market. Again, Xforce triumphed with a range of capable and high performance systems.

There are so many different ways to design, build and baffle an exhaust system, and so many different driver preferences – particularly in regards to noise output. For this reason, Xforce developed a range of universal mufflers: the Varex range. Via an app-controlled module, the driver can choose the level of noise which the exhaust creates – from a quiet running car with the valves fully closed to something which sounds like it should be on a Formula One race track!

When purchasing a replacement exhaust system, another factor to consider is the type of system you need. Common packages include TBS (Turbo Back System), CBS (Cat Back System), FBS (Filter Back System) and others. As the name suggests, if you buy a Turbo Back System, the exhaust will run from the turbo backwards, up to the tail pipe. Of course, the same principle applies to Filter Back Systems, which run from the DPF back, and Cat Back Systems, which run from the catalytic converter and backwards.

Xforce systems are supplied with required mounting hardware in most cases, plus fitting instructions. Installation is fairly simple and can be carried out at home by a competent mechanic but it is always important to check for proper installation and to ensure that there are no leaks.

Whether you use your vehicle on or off road, this system will give great results. Customers often comment on the impressive build quality. Xforce are a small company though, and as such they only have a small 4×4 range so don’t expect to see applications popping up for too many 4WD models. Currently, the 4×4 range is focused on the Hilux, Land Cruiser and Ranger.

4×4 Works are proud to be the UK retailer for Xforce products. With our in-depth product knowledge, we can help you to find the right exhaust system for your 4WD, wherever your adventures take you.