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Trasharoo was designed by Dave Druck, president of California Tape Products, Forest Falls, USA. CTP have been in business since 1988, making specialist tape products and also a range of durable bags. After driving around in hot weather with the smell of trash filling his Jeep, Druck decided to do something about it and designed a simple but clever solution.

This multi-purpose product is largely aimed at drivers of vehicles which have a rear-mounted spare wheel. Despite the name, the product is not just useful for hauling trash home after a camping trip – it can be used for anything from muddy wellies to wet dog towels, laundry and camping gear.

To make the Trasharoo durable for a long life outside of the vehicle, it was designed with high grade buckles, nylon straps, and heavy duty attachment straps. However, if you are just looking for a durable storage solution to use in your pickup bed or inside your vehicle, the Trasharoo is equally suited to this purpose and it can make a great gift idea for a 4WD enthusiast or a useful emergency storage solution.

Several colours are offered to allow the Trasharoo to be matched to your rig’s aesthetic, and the product is a common sight along the trails of the USA and at shows and 4WD meets across Europe.

4×4 Works are proud to be a UK retailer for this useful and practical product and can help you to find the right Trasharoo for your needs – wherever adventure takes you.

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