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Terrafirma was established in 2007 in Oxford, UK. At first, the brand focused solely on Land Rover models, with the aim of offering high quality upgrades and lower price points. In just a few short years, the brand has grown to become one of the most recognisable names in the UK 4×4 world.

Unlike so many 4×4 specialist brands and suppliers, Terrafirma did not come from humble beginnings. The brand was formed by Land Rover giant Allmakes, with the aim being to establish a house brand for suspension products and other upgrades.

Here at 4×4 Works, we focus mainly on Terrafirma’s well known and highly regarded winch range. With a small selection of models available at an entry-level price point, Terrafirma winches may not be as highly regarded as their headline competitors – but then these competitors are often charging three or four times as much for a winch. Terrafirma have extensively tested their winches in both lab conditions and out in the field, and for their price point they are outstanding performers.

Likewise, we have been selling Terrafirma winches for years and we are happy with the results.

Those with an eye on the 4×4 market may have noticed that more and more budget winches emerged from China a few years back, with an endless and confusing array of brand names. However, many retailers have stopped selling these brands due to the constant warranty problems they generate and this has led to many budget brands becoming less visible in the marketplace.

Terrafirma winch kits contain everything you need for most installations (with the notable exception of Land Rover Defender models with the battery located under the passenger seat as they will require additional wiring). Supplied parts generally include a fairlead, rope, wired and wireless remote controls and a hook or thimble.

Practicing correct winching techniques is always important, as is carrying and using the correct winch and recovery gear. We have an extensive range of recovery kits, straps, shackles and ropes available, so you can go prepared for just about any eventuality. Without the right recovery gear, a winch is of limited use in recovery situations.

Having the correct winch and some suitable recovery gear is one thing, but mounting the winch is an altogether separate issue. Winch bumpers and hidden winch mounts are popular for 4×4 applications and you should obviously make sure that the winch is really secure and properly mounted. Alternatively, for agricultural applications or trailers used for vehicle recovery or other purposes, there is often a winch mounting point built in to the trailer or flat bed. Fortunately, the vast majority of modern winches share the same standard mounting pattern.

4×4 Works are proud to be a Terrafirma partner and to offer their winches for sale. These winches are just as suitable for a Hilux or Land Cruiser as they are for a Defender, Ranger, D-Max, L200, Navara or Amarok. We can also supply a range of mounting solutions for many models, including winch bumpers and hidden winch mounts.

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