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SuperPro was established in Moorooka, Australia in 1983 by Graham Scudamore-Smith. The company focused on the then-new process of manufacturing suspension bushings from cast polyurethane. Alongside their parent company Fulcrum Suspensions Group, SuperPro were tasked with researching ways to reduce sear and tear on leaf spring bushes for Toyota Land Cruisers.

In the 1980s, almost every vehicle manufacturer was using simple rubber compounds for their suspension pushes. While this provided an adequately comfortable ride, rubber is prone to going brittle and cracking over time, plus it tears easily with extreme suspension articulation. The Land Cruiser 40 Series models were particularly suffering due to these issues, partly due to the fact that Toyota had engineered the vehicles with a good amount of suspension travel.

Through SuperPro’s efforts in hand-casting small batches of business and through having developed their own polyurethane compounds over a long period of real-world testing, they had invented what today is simply referred to in 4×4 circles as the poly bush. SuperPro have continued to develop their material compounds over the years and have refined their top secret recipes several times, but one thing needs to be made clear: poly bushes are not just generic chunks of plastic. There are various different brands on the market, along with a plethora of no-name budget products, but it takes a significant amount of expertise to isolate the correct material requirement for different applications and if you get this wrong, ride quality can really suffer.

Looking at budget oriented retailers and at online auction websites, there are some bargain bucket bush kits out there – for some reason many of which seem to be orange in colour. In our experience, these cheap bushes are hard and will give very poor results, plus they won’t last long before they need replacing.

SuperPro, on the other hand, are the bush supplier of choice for high end builders, race teams, overland explorers and commercial users across the world. Ask anyone to name a premium bush manufacturer and SuperPro will likely be their answer. From their early days developing products for passenger cars to their now huge range for every 4WD vehicle imaginable from the Hilux to the Land Cruiser, Shogun, L200, Navara, Amarok, D-Max, Wrangler, Land Rover Defender and more,

SuperPro products are durable and reliable and we should also mention that they carry a unique limited lifetime warranty. In the unlikely event that your bushes need replacing years down the line, SuperPro will be happy to hear from you. Spoiler alert: they will probably never need replacing!

Other SuperPro products include upper and lower control arms, suspension kits, sway bars, tools, strut mounts, shackles and various other road, off-road and track products. The technical team at SuperPro really understand vehicle alignment, durability and comfort, and their focus is on properly engineering your vehicle so it can perform to the best of its abilities.

4×4 Works are proud to be one of the largest and most experiences SuperPro dealers in the 4WD market. We have a considerable depth of technical knowledge and a product for just about every 4×4 vehicle you can think of.

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