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Saber Off Road was established in 2017 in Australia by Ben Bartlett. Already an industry veteran with a network of partners across Australia, the Middle East and south-east Asia, Bartlett had become increasingly concerned about the influx of low-quality rescue and recovery gear into the market.

When carrying out off-road winching and rescue, the importance of using high quality recovery gear used cannot be underestimated. Operators literally put their lives at risk, never mind the safety of their vehicles, every single time that they embark upon recovery, winching or rescue exercises. Whilst knowing the correct techniques and having a thorough understanding of how recovery gear works, carrying gear with you which is fit for purpose can make the difference between an easy recovery and a serious injury or failure.

With the luxury of already having an in-depth knowledge of the market, Bartlett and his partner Steve Handbury set out to bring the recovery market firmly into the 21st century. Dozens of new products were designed, developed and tested, with extensive independent safety testing taking place. All product were submitted to NATA labs for independent stress testing and certification; NATA is the Australian National Association of Testing Authorities and the rules are very stringent; in all cases Saber products passed with flying colours.

Kinetic ropes, bridles and straps were of particular interest to Saber, as the industry has been flooded with cheap ropes and straps over recent years. To compliment this initial range, a selection of soft shackles were developed with options including bound Technora, sheathed shackles, and different lengths to suit 4×4 and industrial uses. Recovery rings, which were fast becoming a go-to recovery product in the emerging market for “soft” recovery, were designed to specifically suit different rope sizes. This is important, as using the wrong ring size can crush or pinch the rope and lead to chafing and eventual rope failure.

Of course, the Saber range would not be complete without a selection of 4WD recovery kits, and these were all assembled carefully to suit different types of users. Included in these kits were ropes, shackles, winching gloves, recovery rings, winch dampers and other useful accessories.

Next, Saber looked at the hard recovery market. Innovative fairleads, winch hooks and rear recovery hitches were designed and developed, and with these products Saber decided to offer a choice of eye-catching colours and finishes. The finish quality had to be second to none to meet Saber’s exacting standards, and products were made available in steel or alloy.

Saber are all about innovation, and their products win new fans every time they are launched or exhibited at international shows including SEMA, Valloire, Abenteuer Allrad and elsewhere.

4×4 Works are proud to be the UK’s leading Saber supplier and retailer, with the full product range available. We stand behind these products as being truly fit for purpose and durable enough to be used in leisure, overland or commercial settings. If you are looking for a durable and versatile recovery kit to take on your next adventure, you can’t go far wrong with the Saber range.

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