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Rock Flares are one of the leading brands for premium 4WD body protection and wheel arch kits. Established in 2013 in California, USA, the company is best known for making storage boxes for the military. However, a customer request led to the forming of the Rock Flares brand and the range now covers many popular 4WD vehicles.

Whilst many users fit fender flares as a cosmetic upgrade to give their 4WD a wider stance or to make it look more imposing and more like an off-road rig, the product is actually designed to cover wider wheels and tyres and allow the vehicle to remain road-legal. This is becoming increasingly necessary in the UK and Europe, as the authorities are showing more and more interest in whether the vehicle’s bodywork adequately covers the tyres.

There are various different types of wheel arch or fender flare kits on the market, and there are several different ways of attaching them. Brands such as Kut Snake are a drill-fit, so you have to drill holes through the body and bolt the flares on in multiple places with supplied attachment screws or bolts.

Whilst this is a great idea in terms of being secure and long-lasting, it is not always something which truck owners want to do and therefore some companies have developed stick-on kits. Unfortunately, sticking large objects to the outside of a vehicle with just double sided tape does not work very well, and this means of attachment is not legal in some countries as there is a risk of the arches falling off at speed and causing an accident.

Rock Flares kits are not drill fit, or at least there are no holes to drill through the visible body panels. Also, their kits are not stick-on products. The kits are attached by the means of screws and clops under the arch liner and any visible bolts on the outside of the flares are cosmetic only. There is no sticky tape to mess about with, as the flares have a body gasket which simply sits tightly against the body panels.

Material quality is also really important with fender flares, as cheap kits tend to be thin and also have a habit of going chalky-looking over time due to the low grade materials used in their manufacture. Rock Flares kits only use premium ABS and the material is thick and durable so it will not fade over time and will not go brittle or crack.

In addition to fender flares, Rock Flares offer body cladding kits for many models. This simple product attaches to the lower door areas for a distinctive look and complements Rock Flares fender flare kits perfectly.

4×4 Works are proud to be the UK’s official importer and retailer for Rock Flares, with the complete product range available along with spare parts where needed. We can supply kits for many popular models including the Ranger, X-Class, L200, Navara, Amarok and others. Do check back if your model is not covered as new kits are always in the pipeline.

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