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Red Booster was established in 2009 in Sri Lanka by product designer and Land Rover expert Andrew Mediwake. After many years of working in product development and at the same time being a Defender owner and enthusiast, Mediwake set out to overcome what he saw as one of the biggest driveability limitations of the venerable Defender: the weight of the clutch pedal.

Defenders are built tough, having been designed for military users, but this design ethos has not always made for a comfortable or practical vehicle for long road journeys or driving in traffic. With their large diameter clutch and heavy duty casing, the pedal was always going to feel heavy and unforgiving under foot – until Mediwake started work to improve it.

Servos are a common sight in the Land Rover world, and indeed on almost all modern vehicles. This is a vacuum operated cylinder with a diaphragm inside, which uses pressure changes inside the engine manifold to assist in braking and to make application of the pedal lighter and less cumbersome. However, whilst the Defender has for many years benefited from servo assisted brakes, the same benefit has not previously been available for the clutch.

One engineering challenge was developing the product to suit left hand drive vehicles. Whilst right hand drive models had more space behind the clutch master cylinder, LHD Defenders are very limited in space in this area and as such the LHD kits required additional engineering to create a similar result.

Fortunately, whichever kit you need, the contents will include all required brackets, cables, hoses and other installation parts. This Red Booster product is something which can be fitted by your local garage or even at home with standard tools, providing of course that the instructions are carefully followed.

After just a few minutes of driving, you will never want to go back to a Defender without a clutch servo booster. With this kit fitted, the pedal can be depressed with just one finger, and operates easily and seamlessly under foot. Drivers of all ages will appreciate this enhancement, and the technology involved is surprisingly simple with no complex electronic parts and no special servicing requirements.

4×4 Works are proud to be an authorised reseller for Red Booster. This product is a real game changer and after many years on the market it is not an uncommon sight on Land Rover builds and conversions. We are here to help with any technical questions you may have.

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