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Outhaus are Europe’s leading manufacturer of swag tents and associated equipment. Founded in 2013 in Essex, UK by Ollie Ford, the company has set out to develop and market durable bushcraft and outdoor products with a traditional look and feel. In the past decade, the swag market has really taken off in Europe, and Outhaus have been at the forefront of that market growth.

Designing and developing a swag might sound easy, but there are many considerations. From the quality and weight of the ground sheet to the amount and type of storage, the pole design and weight, the inclusion of any external features such as porches and shelters, and the final product size and weight, developing a new product range from the ground up is a daunting task. However, with his extensive knowledge in the bushcraft and 4WD camping markets, Ford set out to build a brand which would quickly become the default European name for swag tents and accessories.

When heading out into the bush, size and weight are important considerations. Outhaus swags are relatively lightweight and are supplied in sturdy holdalls and bags, but the main focus is on product quality and durability with traditional canvas materials used across the range. The fabrics used are UV stable, hard-wearing and designed for a long life and extended usage.

Modern swags originate from a historic Australian product which was known as the bedroll. Swags were carried by sheep shearers and other farm workers, as they walked from farm to farm in search of work. This practice existed from the days of the early British migrants to Australia and carried on for decades. Carrying a swag would allow workers to keep the rain and bugs at bay, and have somewhere to stash their few possessions at night.

Whilst early swags were rudimentary at best, the modern product is much more comfortable, with features such as supportive mattresses, storage pockets, foldable poles, waterproof PVC ground sheets, large head flaps or doors and even porches, bug screens and boot mat. Various sizes are offered to allow one or two people to sleep in comfort, and Outhaus stand behind their products with a market-leading warranty.

The Outhaus range features several swag ranges, with the market-leading Palmerston coming in three sizes and two different colours. Other product ranges include the Davenport, Rockhampton and Hobart. Product widths range from 900mm up to 1500mm, and all Outhaus swags come with a canvas carry bag as standard. Whichever Outhaus product you choose, you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep in a super-tough and durable swag.

4×4 Works are proud to be the UK retailer for Outhaus products and we are here to advise on different product features and to help you to choose the right swag for your next trip into the bush or overland adventure. More and more 4WD enthusiasts are turning to the swag for cost-effective and comfortable overnight accommodation, and you will understand why when you see and feel the quality of this product range.