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Kut Snake was established in 2013 in Mandurah, near Perth, Australia. Located on the Indian Ocean, Mandurah is known for sunshine, beaches, and it’s large 4WD community. Trucks and overland rigs line its streets and the nearby forest trails, and every weekend you can find home mechanics in their driveways working on their 4WDs or packing up to take the family camping in the nearby State Forest.

Fender flares have been around for decades, and traditionally they have served two purposes: to cover oversize wheels and tyres and to cosmetically enhance 4×4 vehicles and trucks. The early Kut Snake kits were made from fibreglass, and offered distinctive styling at a time when tougher looks were all the rage – but they did little to protect the vehicle. Fibreglass kits, or thin ABS mouldings as used by some brands, may tick a box in terms of being visually appealing, but they are not much help when a stray branch or stone hits the side of your vehicle.

Such was the company’s success with their early fibreglass kits, including the Toyota 4Runner (sold in the UK as the Toyota Surf) and the Nissan Terrano, that the company soon started to experiment with vacuum-formed ABS kits. Vacuum forming allows for a thicker and more durable product, and ABS is the go-to material when accessory manufacturers need to combine durability with flexibility.

Not all ABS kits on the market are the same though, and indeed not all ABS is the same in its raw form. Some material grades are more brittle than others and lower grades are susceptible to UV damage, which can cause the product to become brittle, to lose its colour and to crack. Likewise, if the material thickness is not substantial enough, the fender flares (or wheel arches as they are often called in Europe) may not survive day to day knocks and scrapes.

Fortunately, with their off-road background and technical experience, Kut Snake knew that their ABS kits would need to be super durable and hardwearing. Finally, an ever growing range of trail-tough fender flares was available, with kits for models from the Hilux and Land Cruiser to the Ranger, L200, Navara, Amarok and more.

Whilst Kut Snake kits are sought after for their durability and good looks, we must not forget the number one reason why these kits are in demand. 4×4 owners often choose to fit wider wheels and large tyres, and in many parts of the works including Europe and Australia, the law stipulates that wheels and tyres must not protrude beyond the bodywork. This requirement led Kut Snake to develop kits in different widths for many models, with slimline, standard and monster kits becoming available. The wider kits look tough and can add a useful amount of extra body width, keeping the vehicle legal on-road and protected off-road.

4×4 Works are proud to be the UK’s largest and most established Kut Snake retailer and importer, with extensive stocks and a large product range on offer. We can help you find the right kit for your vehicle and can advise on fitting and colour coding as needed.

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