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Kampa was founded in 2006 in Essex, UK, by camping enthusiast Mark Lawless. With plenty of industry experience already under his belt, Lawless was well-placed to launch and develop a new UK camping brand whose premium offerings would take on some of the most established names in the camping and outdoor leisure markets – and beat them at their own game.

Some of the longstanding names in the market had been slow to innovate, with a mature product range filled with staple offerings that would sell respectably at camping shows and via bricks-and-mortar camping superstores. Kampa, however, set out to reinvent the wheel and were quickly bringing to market the products which would become synonymous with the Kampa name.

A wide range of different sizes and styles of ground tents were developed, including the Brean, Croyde and Studland ranges. The core offering included 3, 4, 6 and 8 berth tents. Many of the products were inflatable; this is seen as a departure from the traditional pole tents but is much easier and quicker to deploy and stow away thanks to the built-in air channels and Kampa’s high-output air compressors.

Every aspect of how to make a great tent was considered – from ground sheet and flysheet design and construction to windows, guys, pegs and porches. Modern materials, such as those used in the TC ranges, are breathable and can help to minimise moisture whilst being lightweight and able to withstand inclement weather conditions.

Kampa was by no means content with leading the way in tent design and manufacture – the company also developed a range of awnings, storage solutions, chairs and tables, kitchen equipment, lighting products, cleaning, sleeping and cookware products. By 2018, the company boasted well over 1,000 products in their range and many of these could be seen on every campsite across the UK and Europe. In addition to their Essex headquarters, Kampa had established a huge warehouse in the Netherlands to serve the EU markets.

By late 2018, Kampa had become part of the Dometic group of companies, and subsequent product launches would jointly bear the Kampa and Dometic names. This change ushered in an era of opportunity for both brands, giving Dometic a foothold in the ever-growing camping market and allowing Kampa to sit alongside Dometic’s cooling and cooking products which are so well established in the camping, caravanning, motorhome and marine worlds.

In the 4×4 world, the most commonly seen tents are either roof top tents or swags, but growing families or those with a desire for increased space and flexibility are now turning to Kampa for high quality and spacious ground tents. These durable tents are not limited to campsite use and can be just as at home in off-grid locations where only a 4WD can go.

4×4 Works are proud to be the leading Kampa retailer in the UK 4WD market. We have an extensive and growing range of Kampa products available and we are here to help you find the right Kampa tent or awning for your next adventure.