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Harrop Engineering was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1955 by Len Harrop. The business was a general machining and fabrication shop, and by 1968, Len’s son Ron Harrop became involved, doing machining for nearby businesses Beechey’s Speed Shop and Jane’s Autoland. From a young age, Ron was interested in how to make cars run better and faster.

Working with Beechey’s and Jane’s Autoland further developed Ron’s interest in automotive performance and although he was not interested in racing, he was convinced by a friend to build a Holden drag car and to participate in a street race. Harrop’s car won, and before long he was competing nationally, and winning, as a racing driver.

From the early 1970s until 1978, Harrop balanced business interests with touring car racing, culminating in a big accident at Bathurst in 1978 where the brakes failed on his HDT Torana A9X. Harrop was quick to point out that the brakes were not a Harrop component! The car hit a concrete barrier, flew through the air, and came to a final rest when it hit a power pole.

Although he walked away from the wreckage with no serious injuries, Harrop increasingly concentrated on the business after his accident, focusing particularly on traction systems for road, track and off-road use. In 1986, Harrop retired from professional motor racing and concentrated solely on the business.

Harrop Engineering has become a multi-discipline engineering specialist, concentrating on automotive manufacturing and the refining of parts for track and endurance applications. The product range is extensive, and includes upgrades for brakes, air intakes, cooling systems, 4×4 parts and accessories, driveline components, exhausts, fuel systems, superchargers, wheels and more. In addition, Harrop Performance Centre (known simply as HPC in racing circles) has its own specialist fabrication, machining and installation facility in Preston, Australia, which works closely with race teams and automotive manufacturers.

In the 4×4 world, Harrop are perhaps best known for their partnership with Eaton in bringing the ELocker to the aftermarket. Whilst this product was once a main dealer only option on new 4×4 models, Harrop and Eaton have refined the product range to the point where it can be installed easily as an aftermarket upgrade, for vehicles which were not supplied with factory electromagnetic differential lockers from new.

Many commercial and adventure users favour ELockers over other types of differential locker as they are a standalone product with a simple 12v power feed and do not require an air compressor or other external hardware to operate. This means easy installation, little or no maintenance, and the possibility of fixing the connection in the field if for instance the feed wire were to become damaged in completion use.

4×4 Works are proud to be the UK’s largest and best known Harrop partner in the 4×4 market. We have an in-depth understanding of the product range and can assist with both end user and commercial or industrial product applications. A Harrop Eaton ELocker is such a useful off-road accessory and can mean the difference between being stuck in the mud or being able to continue the adventure.

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