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EVC Ultimate9 are world leaders in Throttle Position Sensor technology. This is a relatively new innovation in the 4×4 and automotive world, but Ultimate9 products are fast becoming recognised across the globe with over 1,000,000 units having been sold. But who are Ultimate9 and what does this product offer to 4WD, car, pickup truck and van owners?

Tim Tettamanti was already well known in the Australian 4WD industry when he founded Ultimate9 in 2014. His technical expertise had led him to carry out painstaking research into a problem which plagues modern passenger vehicles: throttle lag.

Put simply, vehicle manufacturers develop their electronic control systems (ECUs, TCUs, and other components) to be compatible with multiple vehicle models, with differing engines and power outputs. This may make economic sense to the likes of Ford, Toyota and Nissan, but when applied to a range of vehicle models it can leave performance lacking.

Throttle lag is the phenomenon which occurs when you accelerate but the car does not immediately respond to your instructions. This can leave you in a difficult or even dangerous position, trying to carry an overtake manoeuvre and finding that the power you need to pull away is not immediately available.

Ultimate 9 throttle controllers

Ultimate9 launched the EVC iDrive and later the EVC and evcX throttle controllers to give each driver hands-on control of their performance and acceleration. By boosting the signal from the TCU to the ECU, throttle position can be enhanced or dulled down in a similar way to turning the volume up or down on an audio system. As Tettamanti had discovered, a dulled throttle response can be just as useful in mud, sand, ice or snow as an increased throttle response can be useful for heavy vehicles such as overland builds and campers – or just for drivers who hate throttle lag and want to improve performance.

So, are EVC and evcX throttle controllers a type of tuning box? No. If you check the power output of your vehicle at the wheels, it remains unchanged. In the top-flight “Ultimate” modes though, it can sure feel like the vehicle has more power! As throttle controllers only work on the throttle controller unit, they are fully compatible with other power upgrades such as remaps, chip tuning, performance exhausts and air filters. A huge range of vehicles is covered by over 200 different product variants, which suit manual and auto transmissions and just about every manufacturer engine version on offer.

As the company has continued to grow, appointing distributors in the USA, Dubai, the UK and elsewhere, their products have become recognised as the original and best throttle controllers in the world. From their headquarters in Boronia, Australia, their technical team is outstanding and they are always working on new innovations – from nudge bars to tracking systems and battery management.

4×4 Works is proud to be the UK’s importer and retailer of Untimate9 products, with a huge and growing range of throttle controllers and other innovations on offer. Our staff are fully product trained and can help you find the correct unit for your vehicle – whatever you use it for.

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