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EGR was founded in 1973 by Rod Horwill with the help of his brother Greg. The first EGR products to reach the market were actually acrylic coffee tables! Due to the success of this range, which was made by hand in the family garage in Melbourne, Australia, the brothers branched out into making clothing racks for department stores and other display items, eventually moving on to their first automotive products: headlamp protectors.

At the time, headlamp protectors were not a common product, and the Horwill brothers took the automotive world by storm with their high quality, clear acrylic lens protectors. Headlamp damage and breakage was and still is very common in Australia, due to the large number of gravel roads in the outback. Up to this point, very few solutions were available but EGR put in the time and effort to create a hard-wearing and easy to install solution.

Staying with the theme of vehicle protection, EGR developed two pivotal product ranges – the bonnet protector and side window deflectors. The former was created after discovering that the vast majority of windscreen damage from small flying projectiles such as stones, could be avoided by adding a deflector strip to the leading edge of the bonnet. With the window deflector kits, this product was designed to allow the side windows to be left partially open at speed – even in heavy rain – without water ingress or wind noise affecting the occupants. Just like the headlamp protectors, the new products were manufactured from high grade acrylic and with an extensive range of product applications, they were a great success in many countries – so much so that several vehicle manufacturers started to offer EGR products as genuine accessories.

A broad range of high quality and innovative products have followed since, most notably including ABS fender flare kits. Fender flares, or wheel arch kits as they are often known, are a popular upgrade both on and off road and many 4WD owners find that they need to fit fender flares after upgrading their wheels and tyres. In the UK and elsewhere, if the tyres are protruding beyond the bodywork then the vehicle is deemed dangerous and the police are likely to take an unwelcome interest in the vehicle.

With fender flare kits having become more and more common over recent years, from the Hilux to the Ranger, L200, Navara, Amarok, Land Cruiser and many other models, the inevitable flood of low quality copy products has appeared on eBay and elsewhere. More than ever, it is important to seek out high quality products from brands such as EGR to ensure a durable and long lasting installation.

Last, but certainly not least, EGR have a range of Load Shield aluminium tonneau covers for pickup trucks. Available in a choice of black or silver finish, these are market leading covers and are a popular and secure solution for your trick bed.

4×4 Works are proud to be one of the largest EGR retailers in the UK. We are here to help you select the right product for your 4WD or pickup truck – whatever model you have.

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