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Eaton was established in 1911 by Joseph Eaton, Henning Taube and Viggo Torbensen in New Jersey, USA. The company was originally known as Torbensen Gear & Axle Co. With financial support from Torbensen’s mother, the company designed and patented the Internal-Gear Truck Axle. This was a revolutionary device for the automotive industry and was one of the first modern differential-based axles.

After a move to Ohio in 1914 and the incorporation of a new company two years later: the Torbensen Axle Company, Torbensen’s largest customer, Republic Motor Truck Company, purchased the business from Eaton, Taube and Torbensen. Taube was happy with the deal, but Eaton and Torbensen were not and they left Republic to form the Eaton Axle Company in 1919.

For the past 100 years or so, Eaton has gone through many changes of name and structure. Many acquisitions have taken place, with companies around the world becoming part of the group and multiple factories being built or acquired. Eaton have become more and more dominant in the automotive world, with a huge product range being offered to end users, governments, aerospace manufacturers, technology companies and more.

In the automotive world, Eaton are probably best known for their extensive range of differentials, including the ELocker, Detroit automatic locker, and the TrueTrac limited slip differential. 4×4 owners will likely be most familiar with the ELocker range, which is supplied as a manufacturer option for models such as the Hilux, Ranger, D-Max and Amarok.

If your vehicle did not come supplied with a differential locker from the factory, all is not lost. Thanks to their partnership with Australian engineering specialist Harrop, Eaton have been able to launch an aftermarket diff locker solution which is electromagnetically operated and fits straight into many factory axle casings. More than 100 vehicle model-specific lockers are available, to suit front and rear axles, and the devices are operated via a simple in-cab switch. No external hardware such as an air compressor is required, just two wires, a swich and a power feed from the vehicle’s battery.

We supply Harrop Eaton Elockers to customers across the world – farmers, overlanders, mining companies, search and rescue, fairground operators, anyone who ventures away from the tarmac. This is a highly capable and durable commercial product and Eaton lockers have helped many thousands of users to drive away from situations which would otherwise have seen them getting stuck and needing to be rescued. Yes, it’s an expensive upgrade, but if you saw the amount of development work which goes into each locker kit or if you visited one of Eaton’s manufacturing facilities with their state-of-the-art machines and huge workforce, you would understand that buying an ELocker is an investment well worth making.

4×4 Works are proud to be the largest UK supplier of Harrop Eaton ELockers. With a wealth of experience and a depth of technical knowledge, we are here to help you select the right Eaton product for your needs. Why risk getting stranded in a remote location when you can keep on moving thanks to Eaton?

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