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CoolTech is a leading supplier of aftermarket air conditioning systems for road vehicles. Their product development is focused on one of the longest standing and most revered 4WD vehicle marques in the world: Land Rover.

Not all Land Rover models came with AC as standard, and CoolTech set out to develop a high grade offering for drivers who want cooler summers and drier winters with less condensation in the cabin.

Developing an aircon kit for a vehicle which did not have such a feature as standard is a specialist and tricky proposition. Whilst it would seem that it would be a straight fit inside of the existing engine bay and under the dashboard, this is often not the case and upgrading your cooling system requires much more than simply clipping a few switches into place and driving away. Therefore, CoolTech embarked upon a long and arduous development process.

Firstly, there was the need to find high quality existing components, such as compressors and condensers, which would fit nicely to existing vehicle models. Some parts were sourced from the genuine Land Rover supply chain, and others were designed or modified to suit CoolTech’s under-development AC program.

Wiring looms and switches needed to be designed and tested across multiple model years and trim levels, to ensure that the kits would be as easy as possible to install and minimally invasive to existing looms and systems. The aim all along was to offer kits which could be installed by either a local garage or competent home installer, without special tools or knowledge.

In many cases, the only way to integrate an AC kit into the cabin is to replace part of the dashboard. Where this was required, CoolTech have developed high quality replacement dashboards and these are included in the kits which require them at no extra cost.

A premium AC system needs to meet or exceed the OE manufacturer’s specifications and each CoolTech kit is assembled from high-grade components to be quiet, efficient and reliable. Also, where service parts are required, they are interchangeable with the genuine Land Rover equivalents for the same vehicle model to facilitate easy servicing without needing to source parts or supplies from outside the normal supply chain.

Given the scope of the development project required for each vehicle, and given the high quality of the kits and the number of components required, this is a very cost-efficient upgrade and an added bonus is the fact that the kit can be installed to your Defender TD5, 300TDI or Puma in around one day.

4×4 Works are proud to work closely with CoolTech as their largest and longest standing UK retailer. With a wealth of knowledge of both in-cab and roof mounted AC systems, we are able to help you to identify the correct kit for your needs and also to supply any spares or service parts which might be needed in the future. CoolTech kits are one of the best upgrades on the market for non-AC Land Rover models and you will be delighted with the end result.