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Codebreaker are an Australian brand and part of the Ultimate9 group alongside EVC Throttle Controllers and Alien Offroad. They are a relatively new tech start-up, with research and development taking place at their state-of-the-art facility in the suburbs of Melbourne. Their products are smart and inexpensive. So, why do you need to own a Codebreaker?

30 years ago, ECUs were not found on all vehicles and where they were seen, their functionality was quite basic. An ECU is the Electronic Control Unit which operates and monitors many of your vehicle’s electronic and safety systems, and over the past three decades this system has been adopted by just about every vehicle manufacturer on the planet.

Just like your wife, an ECU remembers everything, even events or issues from the distant past. This data can give early warning of impending failures, but without a code reader it is left for your local garage to download, decode and diagnose. More recently, code readers or fault readers have come to market, allowing the home mechanic to read their fault codes at home and sometimes to also reset or wipe them once the data has been analysed. This is done via an OBD2 port; this type of port is found on most modern cars and is an absolute necessity if a code reader is to be used at home.

So, what do you need to diagnose your own faults, thus potentially saving time and money at the garage? Enter the Codebreaker range.

The Codebreaker comes in two flavours: handheld and in-car mounted. The handheld unit is more intended for mechanics to keep in their toolbox, whereas the in-car version has plenty of extra features and is normally installed in the vehicle. In addition to the diagnostic features, which allow you to both read and reset the codes and also to identify what each code means, the in-car version also features multiple modes and unlocks different features such as oil temperature and pressure monitoring. Available features will vary depending on your 4WD or car model, but it is often possible to read the output of 15 sensors including fuel rail pressure, air flow rate, coolant temperature and more.

To make the unit even more versatile, Codebreaker have crammed in a range of data memory features such as trip counters, acceleration and deceleration data, fuel consumption and speed monitoring. Plus, in addition to the ability to read OBD2 data, the unit can also reset and erase fault codes and extinguish MIL engine management lights.

Customers are increasingly requesting the product for both overland travel and day to day use. The ability to spot and diagnose faults as they occur can reduce or even eliminate parts and labour costs further down the line as issues can be dealt with in a timely fashion before a breakdown or mechanical failure occurs.

4×4 Works are the official UK importer and retailer for Codebreaker products. We are happy to recommend this super-useful product range and as an added bonus they are compatible with many vehicles from Toyota Hilux and Land Cruiser to L200, Navara, Shogun, Amarok, Ranger, and a massive range of passenger cars.

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