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Classic Tracker was formed in 2015 by a group of classic car enthusiasts from various sectors of the automotive industry. With a shared passion for classic cars and an interest in cutting edge technology, the group set out to develop a product which would change the lives of some classic car owners for the better.

Over the past two decades, the classic car market has grown in leaps and bounds, with a great many models now worth hundreds of thousands of pounds or more. As much as these prized possessions are often stored safely in garages around the country, they tend to have little or no useful security features due to their age and due to the fact that the owners often want to keep the car in original equipment and not modify the wiring or add complicated tech to an otherwise simple vehicle.

Taking the above into careful consideration, Classic Tracker set out to answer a difficult question – how to offer an effective security solution without the need to modify the car in any permanent way.

The result is a small box with only four main wires to connect, but nevertheless with a wealth of features. The device contains a SIM card and an annual subscription is required; this then connects to a browser-based application and a smartphone app. The Classic Tracker – enabled car or 4×4 can then be tracked and monitored 24 hours a day, with alerts possible for events such as low or disconnected battery, any unexpected movements of the car, plus various geo-fencing functionality.

Another useful benefit is the ability to shut the vehicle down remotely if it has been stolen. This is a rare and valuable feature and can make the recovery of a stolen vehicle much quicker and easier.

Classic Tracker even has an option whereby the company will live track a stolen car and work with the police directly to secure its recovery. Thanks to this service, numerous car thieves have been apprehended and many cherished cars have been returned to their owners, often unharmed. One side benefit having a stolen classic car or truck returned is that thieves often do not damage them as they are more likely to have been stolen to order rather than by joy riders or opportunists.

4×4 Works are proud to work directly with Classic Tracker and we can offer both the physical tracker product and the necessary subscription packages. Contact us today if we can help you to find the right tracking system for your valuable car, whether you have a classic Land Rover or Land Cruiser, or any other vehicle. We have packages for 6v and 12v electrical systems and for positive and negatively earthed vehicles.

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