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Bravo Snorkel are one of the largest and best-known snorkel manufacturers worldwide, and the only automotive snorkel manufacturer to be based in Europe. From their factory in Girona, Spain, they develop and test an extensive range of new and innovative products for the 4×4 market. But what sets them aside from other brands, and is a snorkel kit useful for your vehicle?

Whilst many off-roaders think of snorkels as being intended for keeping water out of their engines, this was not always the case and snorkel systems were originally developed for an entirely different purpose. Automotive snorkel kits have been used for decades in dusty environments to protect the air filters of vehicle travelling in convoy, as the amount of dust and debris caught by the filters can otherwise engulf them quickly and restrict air flow, thus risking overheating the engine or incurring running problems.

To demonstrate the point, many Land Cruiser snorkels were not sealed against water ingress and thus early snorkels were simply not suitable or intended for wading.

However, as time has changed and customer needs have developed, snorkel manufacturers have refined their products and the demand exists for sealed systems which can keep water out of the vehicle’s engine when wading. Customers now expect a snorkel system to be durable and able to withstand knocks and scrapes, to be attractive and hardwearing, and to be able to deliver the increased air flow which many turbo-charged engines require.

If you’re thinking that a snorkel kit is just a plastic pipe and some clamps, think again. Bravo Snorkel start out with a 3D scanner, to create multiple images of the vehicle and its mechanical layout. Then, after months of air flow calculations and building of prototypes, the snorkel body has to be rotationally moulded from high-grade LDD polyethylene and an array of brackets, clamps and joining pieces are designed and manufactured. The resulting product has to be long lasting and durable, perfectly formed to match the vehicle’s contours and able to deliver correct air flow and protect the engine from dirt and water ingress.

Bravo Snorkel have revolutionised the snorkel market over the past decade or so, offering unique designs for many models including the Sprinter, Crafter, Transporter, Hilux, Ranger, and other 4WD and commercial models. Bravo products are supplied to various law enforcement and military organisations, adventure travellers, farmers and domestic end users.

When you buy a Bravo kit, you receive a fully EU certified product alongside an industry-leading 5 year warranty. As an innovative manufacturer with original and unique designs, each new product is protected by the World Intellectual Property Organisation. You won’t find Bravo products or designs elsewhere.

4×4 Works are proud to be the UK’s leading retailer of Bravo Snorkels for 4×4 and van models, with extensive stock levels and a depth of product experience unrivalled in the UK market. We can help you to select the correct kit for your needs and can also supply replacement heads including Donaldson Cyclone products – which are highly valued by farmers and desert explorers.

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