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Airbag Man was established in 1995 in Queensland, Australia by automotive engineer Richard Clamp. Originally acting as a distributor for Firestone and Dunlop products, Airbag Man quickly grew into a bespoke manufacturer of airbag systems with products sold all over the world. But, is this actually an upgrade you need? The answer is not always yes.

One question we often ask when building suspension kits for our customers centres around what the vehicle is used for. Air bags are a great product and certainly have their place in the world, but they were never designed as a replacement for tired or worn out suspension – nor as a substitute for having the correct spring rates.

So, if you are planning on fitting airbags to your 4WD, van or pickup truck, there are a few things which you need to know. Airbags are designed for vehicles which carry or tow widely varying loads, for example family cars which occasionally tow caravans or vans which occasionally (or regularly) carry pallets of bricks. If you are driving around with little or no load one day and then loaded to the max with camping gear or building materials the next day, airbags could well be the solution you are looking for.

However, if your load is constant – such as a motorhome conversion or a bed-mounted crane, then what you probably need is a suspension upgrade.

Airbag Man

That said, if you’re going to fit airbags (or bellows, if you have leaf springs) then you can’t go wrong with an Airbag Man kit. Unlike many of the low-quality kits on the market, Airbag Man uses only Firestone and Dunlop bags – alongside their own in-house parts, controllers and tech.

The quality of the airbags is critical, as they have a hard life and need to be made of tough stuff to stand the test of time. No-name kits will cut corners to meet a lower price point, but it is usually not a massive saving and the quality difference can be huge. We have heard of customers buying unbranded airbag kits from a certain UK retailer which only last for a few weeks before bursting under load and needing a replacement! Stories like this only remind us yet again of why we steer well clear of budget brands.

From the Toyota Hilux to the Ranger, Land Cruiser, Sprinter and many other models, airbag kits are a worthwhile upgrade and we can supply kits with a range of accessories including compressors, air tanks, wireless remote controls and tyre inflation tools. Airbags are not limited to standard height vehicles, and kits are available for many lifted or lowered trucks, 4WDs, vans and cars.

4×4 Works are proud to be the UK’s importer and retailer of Airbag Man products and we have a huge range available. Thanks to our product training and the manufacturer’s detailed technical data, we are able to help build standard or custom applications for many types of users so don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquiries.

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