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  • Shock Absorbers Explained

    4x4 Works 21/12/2020

    The obvious answer here would be, “shock absorbers exist to absorb shock,” but the truth is, the name is quite misleading.  The shock absorber actually exists to control the vertical motion of your vehicle’s wheels, affecting suspension travel and rebound, with the job of the shock absorption actually being handled by the springs. Indeed, on […]

  • Diff Lockers Explained

    4x4 Works 14/12/2020

    The only way you’ll be able to get the most out of your 4X4 vehicle is if you understand the fundamentals and that involves getting to grips with the various components that make your 4X4 behave like an off-road vehicle. The locking differential is as good a place as any to start. Understanding differentials The […]

  • Common Suspension Problems

    4x4 Works 08/12/2020

    Suspension is everything in a 4×4. It’s the mechanism that quite literally holds everything up and impacts everything from the stability of the ride to the amount of lift. But suspension, as with all man-made things, is not immune to the passage of time or the rigours of use. Indeed, passenger vehicles with stock suspension […]

  • Choosing a Winch for your 4×4

    4x4 Works 30/11/2020

    can be an absolute necessity. But what winch is right for you?  It’s worth noting that not all winches will be useful in all situations and not all winches will fit all bumpers. That means the first consideration to make is not only what you’re going to be using your winch for but what winch […]

  • Lifting Your Vehicle

    4x4 Works 23/11/2020

    When it comes to 4×4 ownership, the metric through which we measure our machines isn’t how it looks or even how it drives, but how much lift we can get.  Lift refers to, quite literally, the amount of lift in your vehicle’s suspension, with more lift allowing you to install larger tyres and gain greater […]

  • Suspension Basics

    4x4 Works 17/11/2020

    In the world of 4X4, vehicle suspension is everything. Our suspension is what determines everything – from the tyres you can fit, to the quality of your ride, and the amount of that all-important ‘lift’ you get from your vehicle. But for the uninitiated, modern suspension systems can come across as overly complicated and impenetrable.  […]

  • Planning Your Next 4×4 Build

    4x4 Works 11/11/2020

    The adage goes that if you fail to prepare then you should prepare to fail. It’s a  saying that rings true when planning every new build, whether it’s an all-powerful overland rig or a daily driver you want to stand out from the crowd on the daily commute. Planning and research are two sides of […]

  • How to Fit Torsion Bars

    4x4 Works 26/10/2020

    Torsion bar suspension is an example of an independent front suspension (IFS) that uses a spring steel rod instead of leaf or coil springs. This rod is fixed to the suspension arms at the front and the chassis at the back. It works by supporting a vehicle’s weight and absorbing the movement between the vehicle […]

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