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Planning and researching your build might seem like a lot of work if you have grand plans or complex needs.  Most of us are not suspension engineers or automotive designers, but with the right information and a little help, watching your plans become reality can be fun and rewarding.

Whether you are preparing for an expedition around the world or just want to make your daily driver look unique, it is important to think about three things.

“What do you want to achieve?”

Maybe you want big wheels and lots of lights, wide arches or extra load carrying capacity?  Having a basic idea of what your project is about will save you time and money in the long run.

“What will the vehicle be used for?”

Upgrading your family car requires a different type of setup to a vehicle which will purely be used as an off-road toy.  Likewise, an arctic trekking rig has different requirements to a weekend camper.

“Where should I start?”

There is a simple principle to this:

  1. Add weight first. This is particularly important when it comes to front-end weight such as winches and bumpers/bull bars.
  2. Choose your suspension to suit your additional weight.
  3. Buy your wheels and tyres last.

Most other upgrades, such as wheel arch kits or a snorkel, can be added at any time.

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4×4 Works are one of the UK’s best known premium 4WD upgrade specialists.  We import and sell the best products from around the world.

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